A Little More About Our Staff..

Let's start off with me, Kelli Pavlish, APRN - NP!

This is my very first blog post… so today, I want to just quickly tell you who I am. :)

I like using smiley faces when I write, so bear with me. I want to come across as a really happy person, generally smiling, and overall, pretty lighthearted. <3

I had a normal Nebraska childhood - well, if normal is having 33 people total in your K-8 gradeschool - about 3 kids in each grade, 3 classrooms... tiny but awesome! Just so you can find out for yourself how tiny I'm talking about, go take a look at some quick info on my hometown, Bee, Nebraska. From there I had a fantastic high-school experience at Aquinas High School (David City Nebraska).

One big brother, amazing parents, who by the way, divorced and are happily remarried, gaining lots of fantastic step-siblings… overall just super super blessed.

At the age of 15 I started education to become a CNA, a Certified Nursing Assistant… that’s where my nursing career began. I worked in nursing homes first, and then in hospitals from 23 into my early 30s during which time I furthered my education and became a Nurse Practitioner. A great doctor gave me the opportunity 4 years ago to take over his existing practice in Bellevue, Nebraska, and here we are! I am now venturing into blogging, and you are reading my blog! :)

Besides loving my work???

I enjoy listening to healthy podcasts… my favorite is Chris Kresser - Revolution Health Radio. Take a look at his website online here. OR

Take my word and jump right into downloading his podcasts here, you won't be disappointed!

But aside from that, I also love listening to some entertaining podcasts like 99% Invisible and Note to Self. I also really enjoy everything on Sirius XM, Channel 110, Doctor Radio.


Kelli Pavlish, Family

I also really like pilates - I’ll tell you about that next time.

  • Mother of 4

  • Wife

  • Daughter

  • Medical Practice-Owner,

  • Friend

  • Faithful Christian.

This is me, ;)